My name is Chancy Deanna, and I am so glad you found me here. I support women like you, who are awakening to their feminine energy, and desire to fully embody and express their unique feminine soul.

On this journey of awakening, there is a natural process of coming up against blocks, trauma, and painful past experiences, which inhibit the vitality, juiciness, clarity and soul alignment that you are seeking.

I can support you connect to your inner healing experience, release painful blockages, and attune with your womb and heart, so that you are free to align with your passions and highest purpose.

I just had the most clearing, opening, releasing, welcoming, healing session with this extraordinary woman Chancy who is pioneering this awesome women’s work. I cannot recommend this enough for women. This work can heal memories that affect our fertility and wellbeing. I felt so safe and supported by Chancy, as we worked long distance via skype. My womb now feels full of warmth and life and love. I am so excited to create from such a full, loving place of bliss.
— Jane Sawicki, Australia

Shamanic Womb Healing

Since my shamanic healing session with Chancy I have experienced a major shift in my life and have gained so much awareness about painful limiting beliefs that I had been holding onto. I have been able to step into the next phase in my spiritual journey with clarity and purpose, and appreciate Chancy’s involvement in my journey. I recommend Chancy’s services for anyone that is ready to create some major change in their life, because it will!
— Joana Ayala, CA