Is there something major that needs to shift in your life?

Are you inspired to know yourself and your soul more deeply and intimately?

Do you want to grow your own healing or creative gifts?

Shamanic healing is one of the most ancient and profound healing modalities for actualizing these shifts in your life.

Shamanic healing can provide tangible results because it heals the deepest root of your issues or challenge. When these root issues are cleared, there is infinite potential for empowerment, fulfillment, and freedom in your physical body, emotional states, and spiritual experiences.

Through Shamanic Healing, You Have The OPPORTUNITY To:

EXPERIENCE healthy relationships and clear boundaries.

HEAL your sexuality and past traumatic experiences.

RELEASE unhealthy habits and feelings of being stuck.

PREPARE for big life changes, birthing, or creative projects.

BALANCE emotional states and the masculine/feminine within.

INTEGRATE experiences of loss, endings, break-ups, and life changes.

DISCOVER your own healing gifts or creative pursuits, and cultivate inner strength and well-being

A Shamanic Healing Session May Include~

  • Balancing of your chakra system and luminous energy field

  • Extraction of imbalanced and unwanted energy out of your body and energy field

  • Soul retrieval, and integration and empowerment of your Soul essence

  • Ancestral lineage clearing, healing, and receiving the gifts of your ancestors

  • Karmic and past life healing

  • Destiny retrieval

  • Journeying, rattling, light language, and sound healing

  • Re-mapping of your life from a higher perspective  

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About the Shamanic Healing Process~

There are 4 main processes in shamanic healing, as well as guided breathing, toning and sound healing.

An Illumination clears the first imprint of the unhealthy pattern, pain, or challenge that you are experiencing now. We work with your chakra system, breath, and intention to clear the heaviness of he past out of your body, and revitalize your energetic field.

Crystallized Extractions remove crystallized (hardened) energies from your body that have been projected onto you from another person, or have been projected internally repeatedly by yourself. These energies create limitation in your life, and when removed you have access to more freedom.

Fluid extractions are used if a spirit is living in your body or energy field. These energies are honored, extracted, and given to the earth for transformation.

*Crystallized energy and fluid entities do not belong inside of you, and can manifest as dis-ease and imbalance if not removed. With both kinds of extractions, you will feel lighter and feel more "like yourself" and "at home" in your body afterward.

Soul Retrieval re-claims your wholeness. Soul retrieval is used if you have experienced soul loss- a process where a piece of your soul left your body during a time of trauma because the body was no longer a safe place to reside. These pieces of your soul are called home and integrated back into the body, allowing you to reclaim your vitality.

Clients often report feeling much lighter, refreshed, and alive after a session.




Price: $249

Length of Session: 1.5-2 hours

Sessions available long distance by phone/skype or locally on Kauai, HI. 

*3 Sessions are recommended to make a foundational shift in your healing process


Chancy has helped me navigate one of the most difficult years of my life thus far. I always leave our sessions feeling aligned and connected and reminded of the magic and mystery that exists in the depths I am exploring. Chancy has helped me stay connected to purpose and meaning even in the darkest moments - perhaps even especially in those moments. She has helped me feel powerful and loved and worthy in a way that I know it in my bones, not just in my thoughts. She has helped me work through trauma, reshape old patterns, and release old energy and connections that no longer serve me.

I can feel the enormous container that Chancy holds, and she does so with such heart and steadiness. I trust Chancy to go into the darkness with me, because no matter what I bring to her she is able to be in it with me and alchemize it into something beautiful. My work with Chancy has truly transformed me over the last year and I am so thankful to her for it.
— Sarah, Ventura, CA
Having a session with Chancy was at the same time a very grounding and enlightening experience...she got right to the heart of what needed to shift and left me feeling deep inner peace and inner knowing that all is well...a truly gifted practitioner!
— Heather O'Neill
I have worked with Chancy for several years as a fellow practitioner of shamanic healing. I expect no less than the highest level of skill from a practitioner, and Chancy has my personal and professional trust. Chancy has helped me heal some very challenging wounds which has allowed me to move to a far greater level of skill and sensitivity to perform my work with others. She works with clarity and patience and carries an innate sense of ethics, which are testament to her own personal level of healing.
— Rod Meyer, Perth, Western Australia
I was fortunate to receive a shamanic session package series with Chancy. Deep ancestral lineage healing took place in our sessions, and our work positively affected my relationships with my parents. I would recommend Chancy to anyone in need of removing blockages to their health and happiness.
— Amanda, Ojai, CA