Do you have a desire to explore the depth and spirit of being a woman?

Is your womb, heart and body in need of healing and balance?

Do you need guidance in bringing forth the unique wisdom that resides within you?

Through the process of shamanic womb healing, I am here to help you awaken your feminine womb space and release the pain, trauma, and old patterns you are carrying, so you may come into your unique creative gifts, vitality, soul's purpose, and inner power. 


Through Working Together, You Will Have the OPPORTUNITY to:


DISCOVER the true nature of your feminine energy cycles and connect to the wisdom within your womb. 

 RELEASE fears, anxieties, feelings of being 'unsafe' or 'not good enough' as a woman and making yourself small. 

LISTEN to your heart and womb, and explore why you are truly here on planet Earth at this time. 

BE SEEN in your full expression- through the sticky dark parts, into the depths of your beauty and soul.

TRANSFORM sources of trauma, sexual abuse, and pain- into sources of knowledge, power, and inner strength.

AWAKEN your personal gifts and sensual aliveness.

VALUE your wholeness, beauty, and unique flavor of feminine expression.

Why might you specifically be in need of Shamanic Womb Healing? 

These sessions are especially supportive for HEALING from:

  • Feeling depleted and overwhelmed

  • Imbalanced menstrual cycles (physical and emotional)

  • Physical illness in the womb

  • Birth, infertility, and pregnancy loss (miscarriage and abortion)

  • Sexual trauma

  • Unhealthy relationship dynamics

  • Ancestral lineage wounding

  • Self-doubt and fear of being seen

  • Repression of self-expression

  • Taking on others (parents, lineage, cultural) ideals and dreams rather than living your own unique soul journey

In our sessions together, you will be able to speak, feel, and transform in a safe and professional healing space. I am here as an advocate, to see you in all of your states, and assist in restoring your life to well being. This is an incredible opportunity to release what you haven't been able to let go of on your own, and honor the strength, and glowing energy that is inside of you.

I am so deeply grateful for my womb healing session with Chancy. She is amazing, so intuitive and holds such a safe space. She helped me release a heavy energy that I been working on letting go of myself for a long time, and with with her help I finally felt it move on. Chancy is a truly gifted and ancient soul who has a cosmic energy around her that feels grounded in the Earth’s wisdom. Thank you for your sacred work Chancy.
— Ninna Cornelius, Sweden



What you will receive:

  • A guided journey deep into your womb to feel, see, and receive awareness of what needs healing and clearing in your womb, and also to see what is alive and vibrant. This is an opportunity to grow a deeper connection to your womb, intuition, and inner guidance.

  • A full shamanic energy healing to clear, heal and empower the womb space, your feminine nature, and your soul. To learn more about what is included in shamanic healing, click here.

  • Practices to support your continued transformation and integration

Price: $249 usd per session             

Length of time per session: 1.5-2 hours

Available long distance by phone/skype or in-person on Kauai, HI.

  • It is recommended to do a minimum of 3 sessions within 6 weeks to create a foundational shift

  • Payment taken at time of scheduling to confirm appointment

Chancy is a true shaman! I have had incredible suffering and pain during my period for many years, and since the whole body is connected this issue affected my health in other ways as well. After our womb healing session this pain vanished and I’m feeling better in general. Chancy cleared a trauma that was passed down from my lineage. This shift has relieved me deeply and I am now able to access a fresh quality of peace.
— Melanie Rose, Sebastopol, CA


Thank you Chancy for a profound journey that will forever change my life. I feel so blessed to have had a healing through you. You are such a tender and beautiful soul. Deep gratitude.
— Pamela Bond, Miami, FL
I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years with no luck and no “medical reasons.” When I met Chancy I had already started adoption processes and was feeling open to whatever growth life would bring. In our session, Chancy lead me though some deep guided meditations to listen to my womb, heart, and spirit.

I had been holding on to years of hurt with a sexual assult and abortion. I found spiritual healing and gave voice to feelings I had shut down because they were so hard to deal with. Chancy created a safe space to BE, and let myself be heard and healed.

The session was entrancing and I felt more connected to myself than I had for a very long time. I continued for 2 more relaxing sessions and felt free and easy afterwards. I know that working with Chancy helped clear my womb for new life to take hold. Healing my spiritual wounds allows me to be a better mother, more present, and calm through pregnancy and birth. I’m happy so lucky to now have both an adopted son and 4 month old baby who are calm and happy most of the time.”
— Mags, Nevada City, CA
Chancy has helped me release old patterns, remove energy from traumatic loss, and to not feel stuck anymore. I needed to clear my body and soul of events (past life and present) that no longer served me. I now feel clear, free, peaceful and confident. I am so grateful to Chancy for every session. Thank you Chancy for your wondrous gift and for helping my soul clear the path to find my way.
— Amy Jenkins, San Luis Obispo, CA
Since my womb awakening session with Chancy, I am creating healthy boundaries for my self, clearly requesting my needs, and trusting my intuition as a woman and as a mother. I am so grateful for the women’s healing session!
— Ana Philips, Ojai, CA
As soon as we began the distance womb healing session Chancy’s feminine strength enveloped me, leading me into my body, heart and womb.

Once we were finished...the universe responded immediately.. I saw my old, unhealthy patterns break away...allowing me to attract true love and I am now in the healthiest relationship emotionally, sexually and spiritually that I have ever experienced.

Thank you, Chancy, for your dedicated work to womankind.
— Korie Goodman, Portland, OR
My session with Chancy created an immediate and palpable shift in my life. I came to Chancy at the tail end of a very nauseated first trimester of pregnancy that also included feelings of depression, fatigue, and low self esteem. I was seeking some kind of support, insight, or relief and, Chancy provided all of that and more.

During the session and following I felt much more at ease and connected with myself, my body, my family, my growing baby, mother earth, and Great Spirit.
Chancy is very clear and intentional in her work and it is deeply felt by the receiver. Thank you Chancy for supporting me on this journey of ‘remembering who I am.’
— Allie Devi Ma, Ojai, CA
I am so incredibly blessed to have received a womb healing session from chancy! Her session opened new doorways of awareness and deep healing. Chancy’s clear focus, and soft yet fierce presence allowed me to access wounded threads tightly held in my lineage and feminine energy.

The safe container she invokes, along with her ability to see our energetic blocks, created a truly nurturing and powerful experience. After our session I experienced a new wave of insight and connection to my womb, my karma, and myself. I recommend every woman receive a women’s healing session - it’s essential!
— Ma Kenzie Eason, Maui, HI
Chancy has helped me navigate one of the most difficult years of my life thus far. I always leave our sessions feeling aligned and connected and reminded of the magic and mystery that exists in the depths I am exploring. Chancy has helped me stay connected to purpose and meaning even in the darkest moments - perhaps even especially in those moments. She has helped me feel powerful and loved and worthy in a way that I know it in my bones, not just in my thoughts. She has helped me work through trauma, reshape old patterns, and release old energy and connections that no longer serve me.

I can feel the enormous container that Chancy holds, and she does so with such heart and steadiness. I trust Chancy to go into the darkness with me, because no matter what I bring to her she is able to be in it with me and alchemize it into something beautiful. My work with Chancy has truly transformed me over the last year and I am so thankful to her for it.
— Sarah, Ventura, CA