5 Ways to Care for Your Sacred Womb

As women are seeking higher states of well-being, the art of attuning to the womb, and ancient ways of caring for the feminine body and spirit are being awakened and remembered. 


Many women are turning to ancient wise woman ways for greater feminine health, and to live a nourishing and soul-connected life.

Through my personal healing journey and my experiences as a shamanic womb healer, I have become aware of supportive tools and practices for awakening your feminine wisdom and health, and I want to share them here with you~ 

1. Listen to Her.

Your womb is your own personal guidance center, who holds personal wisdom just for you. She also has an incredibly potent creative capacity. You can listen to your womb to receive guidance for your daily life, health, healing, relationships, as well as deeper messages about your soul’s path and direction. You can really ask her anything. 

To explore listening to your womb, begin by putting your hands over your womb, taking some deep breaths, and asking her if she has any messages for you. The guidance may come in words, sensations, colors, visuals or feelings. You can ask her what she is needing to release and to let go of so you may be more in alignment with your highest life path. Then ask what she desires to create~ what her deepest passions are and how she wants them to manifest. Breathe into this energy and amplify her desires so it may grow in your life. 

I also recommend a journaling process I call “Womb Speak,” where you connect to your womb through intention and breath, and then begin to write in a stream of consciousness form, allowing your mind to get out of the way and your womb to express through words onto paper. It is amazing the wisdom, and self-care guidance that can come from your womb when you give her the opportunity to speak. 

2. Honor your Cycle.

Our bodies have varying needs through the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle. If you are a woman who is still menstruating, it is helpful to understand how your hormones, energy levels, and physical, emotional and spiritual needs shift every week. Try slowing down around your menses, giving yourself more time for rest and inner reflection. Explore eating some warming soup and sipping raspberry leaf tea during your moon time. 

During Ovulation, allow your playful, creative, and sensual self to be awake and activated, and use this time to make important decisions, connections, and meetings. You are naturally magnetic during this time and focused outward.

Also, learn what foods and types of exercise you need to support your 4 weekly phases to optimize health and well-being. I recommend the book Woman Code by Alisa Vitti to learn more about creating a healthy monthly cycle. 

3. Yoni Steaming.

Utilize this women’s reproductive health practice of allowing your womb to absorb the healing effects of herbal infused steam. Yoni (vaginal) steaming has many physical benefits, including regulating the menstrual cycle, and reducing pain, clots and cramping. This practice feels nourishing and enlivening for the whole womb, and can be done any time of the month except during menstruation and pregnancy. 

The herb that I have felt the most connected to when steaming is Mugwort, but there are many herbs to explore for your womb healing needs. There are instructions and recommendations for yoni steaming many places online. 

4. Energy Clearing.

Our wombs are incredible space holders that gestate energy until we consciously release it (or birth it into the world). A challenge with this continuous space holding arises when we are not conscious of what the womb is holding. For example, the energy of past lovers, family members, or other energies that are not serving your highest well-being (and could even be toxic) may be in the womb until you choose to consciously clear them out.

It is healthier for you to embody your own soul essence and creative energy in your womb rather than be weighed down by other’s energies. 

Often we unconsciously hold other people’s energy because on some level we are trying to take care of them, give or receive love, or we were wounded in the relationship with them, and our soul is trying to call our attention to the wound in order to heal it. Generally it is more empowering for both you and the others in your life to be free of these cords and entanglements.

If there are certain connections that feel healthy and nourishing, and you desire to hold these relationships in your womb for sacred or creative purposes, it is best to do that with conscious intention and love. For energetic womb clearing, you can guide the process yourself, or have an experienced energetic healer or womb practitioner be your guide.


5. Get Support.

As we have seen from the #metoo movement and women speaking out recently, it is clear that most women have experienced some form sexual assault or abuse. If you have experienced this kind of trauma (whether subtle or very straight-forward), most likely your womb is still holding this pain.

This sexual trauma can manifest as physical pain and illness in the womb, emotional and physical pain during sex, relationship difficulties, and much more.

It is hard to heal and process this kind of trauma on your own because there is often much shame, rage and grief that needs to be processed and released in a safe and loving container. Whether you chose a somatic therapy, counseling, womb healing, or shamanic energy healing to release these traumas, I highly recommended you get support. You deserve it! 

These are a handful of very potent ways to care for your sacred womb, and each practice is a whole world of healing to explore within itself. Start with what intuitively calls you and begin there. If you are interested in shamanic womb healing with me you can contact me by clicking here

Many blessings to the healing and awakening of your powerful womb space. 

With Love and Aloha, 

Chancy Deanna 

*These suggestions are recommendations from my own personal experience and training. This is not medical advise, please use your own intuition and consult with your own health care providers as needed.

Chancy Deanna is a shamanic practitioner who specialized in womb healing, and women’s health and empowerment. For more of Chancy’s offerings visit www.chancydeanna.com.