How to Receive Your Feminine Nectar

Teachings of the Hummingbird

Dear Sisters,

The blissful medicine of the hummingbird is here to teach us about the feminine awakening process. After experiencing a hummingbird fly directly into our evening Rite of the Womb ceremony last week, I am inspired to share the teachings of this wondrous little creature.

From the hummingbird’s daily routines, and versatility, to its courageous migrations, we can upgrade our feminine journey though it's messages. Enjoy!

This Week's Hummingbird Womb Wisdom~
Remember to Drink Sweetly from the Nectar of Life

The most incredible thing about hummingbirds is how they spend each day joyfully humming from flower to flower, nourishing their bodies with abundant and juicy nectar.



As a woman, it is vital to receive this 'nectar of life,' and this happens when you slow down enough to allow your sensual pleasure to arise. This 'nectar' has space to move into you when you soften your heart, and open your womb to receive.

Within this opening of the womb, there is a release of control, and a loosening of the grip on life, creating space for divine energy to pour through you. This allowing of the nectar is what you are truly craving.

This nectar is your breath, your cycles and emotions, and your sounds; it is your hips circling, and your womb releasing every month. This nectar is creation, and pro-creation, and the moan that comes when you allow chocolate to melt over your tongue.

This nectar nourishes your feminine spirit, and helps you remember who you are underneath the busy chatter of the mind. It is both the lightness of a shimmering flower and the depth of the dark sea. This nectar supports you in remembering your unique purpose and inspires your engagement in life.

This nectar is YOU. Have you remembered to receive yourself?

Our biggest challenge is forgetting the necessity of slowing down for our well being! We get caught up in working, taking care of others, and to-do lists, while quickly losing sight of self-nourishment and self-care.

To support your movement back into receiving the feminine nectar within, I offer you a simple and deep practice:
Receive your Nectar~ The Essential Womb Breath

1. Right now, while you are reading this, close your eyes and feel the warmth of your breath, following your inhale and exhale for 3 slow breaths.

2. Bring your hands to the front of your womb in a nurturing way.

3. Bring your deep breath and awareness down into your womb, and as you exhale, allow a sigh, sound, or moan to come from your womb. Truly let go on the exhale. Let your womb express her self through this sound. Receive the nourishment of the breath and womb awareness. Repeat for 3 breaths.

How do you feel?

Take this practice home with you, and practice the essential womb breath every morning, and every evening before bed. Enjoy your womb and breath as the hummingbird enjoys the nectar of the flower, continuously, and with great love.

Chancy Deanna

For support connecting with your feminine nectar, and to schedule a Women's Shamanic Awakening session with Chancy, send her an email on the contact page.