3 Simple Ways to Connect with the Earth for Well-Being

Summer is the perfect season to deepen your relationship with the Earth. The Earth holds pure, life-force energy that is healing and awakening for human cells and the energy body.

Conscious engagement with the Earth is rejuvenating and increases vitality. In the business of daily life, it is easy to be in your head, with millions of thoughts, running around with long to do lists. When attuning to nature, you are asked to slow down, breathe, and allow life to move through you.

Explore these "3 Ways to Connect with the Earth" and establish your own personal connection with her through intention, communication, and physical contact. Allow her to nourish you and help you ground. 


1. Put your bare feet on the Earth. For most of human existence, people walked barefoot on the Earth or with natural footwear, which supported their bio-feedback, and helped them to stay grounded (calm, centered, and aware). Now we must consciously choose to take off our shoes and feel the Earth under our toes.

Grounding Practice- With your bare feet on the Earth, take a few long deep breaths, bend your knees slightly, and feel your weight sink into the Earth. Notice gravity. Imagine roots growing from the bottoms of your feet into the Earth, and feel your legs as a tree trunk.

Breathe and imagine the rich minerals and grounded strength of the Earth rising up through your roots, feet, and legs. See your entire body, and your energy body (the space a couple feet around you in all directions) filling you with this vital energy of the Earth.

Practice for 5-10 minutes a few times a week. Notice how you feel.


2. Lean your back into a tree. Do you feel like you need some support in your life? Are you stressed? Not sure how to ask for help or who to go to? Find the closest tree nearby and allow yourself to be supported by its strength and power. When you are feeling stress, overwhelm or strong emotions, this is the perfect remedy. 

Resting Back Practice- Find a tree that feels inviting to you, and sit at the base of it, with a folded blanket if needed. Wiggle back into the tree until you are nestled into the perfect spot, and bring your hands to touch her roots or trunk.

Begin breathing into places of tension or stress inside your body, and with each exhale sink back into the tree even deeper. See what it feels like to be held, and listen to the winds rustling her leaves, and the silent wisdom she holds. Offer a prayer for your life, and your Gratitude to the tree. 

Practice for 15 minutes, once a week. Notice how you feel.

3. Give to the Earth and create a reciprocal relationship with her. The Earth is an energetic and alive being, whom people often unconsciously expect to provide them with food, clothes, homes, and material objects, without giving an offering in exchange.

The Earth keeps us alive. The energy in our lives can get stuck when we demand and expect, yet do not offer love in return. The challenge for many is they don't even recognize the Earth is  providing for them, and forget to give back. In honoring your connection to the Earth, you may find more abundance, prosperity and synchronicity flowing through your life. 

Give to the Earth Practices- 

  • Before you eat a meal, take a moment to breath and offer gratitude in your own words for the foods and nourishment you are about to receive from the food, which comes from the Earth.
  • Go to place in nature that fuels you, and offer a flower, crystal, some tobacco, or anything that is special for you. When you give the object, place your hands on the Earth, and offer a prayer for the healing of the Earth and for yourself. 
  • Ask the Earth to show you how you can be in service to her, out loud, and listen.

Practice giving to the Earth throughout the day, everyday.

 I invite you to explore what mother Earth has to offer you. No need to wait, you can begin your connection practice now- simply look around and see how much abundance she provides. 

In Love, 

Chancy Deanna

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