Abortion and Miscarriage Healing: A Shamanic Perspective

Most women who experience the loss of a baby from the womb do not receive the healing they need physically, emotionally or spiritually. My intention here is to share what happens energetically as a baby incarnates into the womb, and then is physically released or lost through abortion or miscarriage, and how the mother can heal through ceremony, awareness, and shamanic womb work. 


When a woman conceives, the soul of the baby begins to incarnate into her womb, and their energetic fields merge. There is a deep communion that happens in the unseen realms, and I believe the mother and spirit baby have chosen one another for this journey.  

From a soul perspective, most likely the mother and spirit baby hold a soul contract surrounding the incarnation and loss of the baby, and sometimes unexpected circumstances arise which result in the loss. The reason for this type of soul contract would be for soul growth, healing, and awareness to arise from the experience. 

From a shamanic perspective, all of the challenges we move through here on Earth are opportunities for growth and learning, and support us to release past wounds and patterns and attune to our highest calling. Loss from abortion or miscarriage can bring a woman’s attention inward, to connect with her womb and feminine self, to ask deeper questions about her soul’s path, and to attune to her physical and emotional bodies. 

In our modern world, the loss of a child is seen of as more of a procedure than a deeply spiritual experience that needs ceremony and awareness for true and lasting healing. 

In our culture, there is some understanding that after a miscarriage there may be a grieving process and the need for some nutritional support, which is helpful, but very limited compared to what most women need. After an abortion, it seems there is even less support available because abortion is perceived as a choice the woman makes, and therefore the healing process is up to her.

I want to offer here a much deeper possibility for spiritual healing after the loss of a baby. 

Many women who come to me for shamanic womb healing are drawn to my work unconsciously because their soul wants to heal from the loss of a baby. The wounding surrounding this loss is often buried deep down in the depths of a woman because it feels too big to approach alone and there is confusion with how or what to do with the emotions that arise. 

Sometimes it is the spirit baby that draws the mother to me, because it is still energetically living within her womb, or corded to the mother, and desires freedom. If a spirit is still corded to the mother it is because there was a lack of awareness and conscious releasing brought to the loss and one or both souls are still holding on to each other. There is often energetic confusion because the mother and baby’s union did not come to fruition and birth, and during the loss, the spirit was not supported to move on and be released through ceremony and honoring. This leaves the spirit baby energetically trapped in an in-between space where it is not incarnating through the mother, or moving back to the spiritual realms into the next phase of their soul’s journey. 

During a womb healing session when I uncover a spirit baby who is still holding in the mother’s womb space after a physical loss, I share with the woman what I am seeing, and ask if she has ever had a miscarriage or abortion. When the woman replies “Yes,” I share that the baby’s soul is still with her in the womb, and the tears begin flowing as feelings and memories arise. The mother has often unconsciously been holding this unresolved energy within her womb and sometimes the wound has not been felt in years or even decades until now. 

For the healing to occur, I hold both the spirit baby and mother in sacred space, and the ceremony opens. 

I ask the mother to connect directly with the soul of the baby and speak whatever was left unsaid, unfelt and not honored in the past. Often what arises intuitively and naturally from the mother is a form of deep and authentic ho’o’pono'pono, a Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness in which the essence speaks, “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” 

There are tears, deep breaths, and recognition of what has been stirring deep within yet unexpressed. The mother often feels called to express to the spirit what was happening for her at the time which contributed to the loss of the baby which can bring more mutual understanding. Shame and guilt are released, and deep love and forgiveness is accessed for self and the spirit baby. It is an intuitive process that is unique to each woman. 

There is often a natural sharing from the mother that she wishes the baby to be free and move on to the realm that most supports the spirit’s journey and expansion as a soul. There is also space for the mother to listen and receive any messages and love from the spirit baby. 

Once communion takes place and words feel complete, I ask the mother if she is ready to release the soul and use a shamanic process to guide the soul back to the spirit realms where it is met and received by it’s spiritual guides. Golden light then pours into the mother’s womb to purify, regenerate, and enliven her sacred center. 

Both the mother and spirit baby become freed up energetically from the past, and have the openness to move on to new beginnings and connections. 

The mother is invited to create an altar in honor of the spirit baby and their journey together. The mother is also guided to nourish herself deeply with a warm salt water bath, and to stay present to her emotions, allowing it all to be felt, released, cleansed through her and brought to the altar. 

This ceremony opens up space in the mother's womb for creativity to flow, and for new passions, projects, and babies to be birthed. 

The mother and spirit baby may still be in communication, and the spirit baby may even choose to incarnate fully through the same mother in the future, but now there is an openness and freedom for the highest path to unfold. 

Prior to this ceremony, the energetic intertwinement and unintegrated emotions from the loss may have caused challenges or illness for the mother. It is possible it may have created infertility, menstrual cycle imbalance, and womb illness and unhealthy symptoms. It also may have prevented her from being in touch with her own intuition or fully moving forward with her relationships, work, passions and creativity. 

The blessings for the mother after the ceremony are opportunities for fresh new life to blossom in her womb~ including creative projects or growing a new baby, and feminine health, awareness, and balance. There is now spaciousness for the juiciness and unique gifts that live within her womb to come forward and be expressed into the world. 

If you have been through an abortion or miscarriage and feel the call for healing and ceremony, I recommend that you find someone who practices this type of spiritual and emotional healing to hold the space with you. 

If you are interested in a shamanic womb healing with me, you can find me at www.chancydeanna.com.

Many Blessings,

Chancy Deanna Brokaw

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